Middle Level Board



Bryson McBain

I live in Minot, ND. I am Involved in Choir, Boy-scouts, Junior Student to Junior Student, Honor Society, Circle Of Friends, Sources Of Strength, bowling, and the top to this 6 layer cake, STUDENT COUNCIL. My slogan in spring was Be A Voice Not An Echo. My platform was on how we all have a voice and we shouldn’t be scared to use it to help the person being bullied. To put this plan into action I emailed bully reports to your advisors, and basically all it is you put the bully’s name on the paper and what he or she did. Something I think is funny about me is once in track while I was being Usain Bolt on the hurdles I fell and broke not one, but both of my arms. I also broke an arm while rollerblading. I’m like very fragile):)


Co-Vice President

Ella Strutz

I live in Bismarck, ND. I’m involved in Speech, the musical, One Act, Band, Choir, Jazz Choir, Central Dakota’s Children’s Choir, Key Club, National Honor's Society, and obviously Student Council!!My slogan is Stand Tall and Strutz Your Stuff. My platform is spreading kindness throughout your school and communities!I plan on putting my plan into action by providing tools for you guys on our social media and website. Fran sent an email out to your advisors with my information so you can send me details about what you’ve done to impact your communities as well! Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any details or pictures of what you’ve done!! :)
A silly fact about me is that I fall in love with every dog I see.


Co-Vice President

Bayley Scott

I live in Fargo, ND. I’m involved with track and cross country for Davies, and I also am in Student Council (of course). Besides the school related activities, my whole family participates in CrossFit.My platform was based off of a growth mindset, and my slogan was Don’t just survive, thrive. This means you can get along in life without a growth mindset, but so many more doors with more opportunities will open up to you if you implement a growth mindset.
A huge part of putting my plan into action is creating a website that can educate all ages on how to achieve a growth mindset, and what you can do with it once you have it. Lastly, a few fun facts about me are I once ran nearly two miles in a track race with one shoe on, and handstand walking is kind of my thing. ;)


Co-Vice President

Jacob Schwegler

I live in Fargo, ND. My platform was Wake up and spread awareness with Jacob which is basically spreading awareness around disabilities that don't get enough attention as they need. I was heavily influenced by youngest brother David who was Down Syndrome (an extra 21st chromosome) and while I don't see it effect him I see it happen to my peers and what it to change.Part of my mission is see that kids with disabilities are treated as equals and get the support they need.
A couple fun facts about me are I enjoy playing the piano and cello, I am active boy scout and looking to become and eagle scout, and I enjoy to cook for my friends and family.



Kaleb Martin

I live in Bismarck, ND. Activities I am involved in are jazz band, basketball, soccer, student council. My slogan was Kaleb works hard so check the box on the card. My platform was to try your best. I'm just going to talk to people and be whatever they need you to be. A silly fact is that I have to wear women dude shoes because my feet are too small for men's.



Olivia Koch

I live in Bismarck, ND. Activities I am involved in are tennis, XC, youth Group, P2P, student council, leadership committee, and band.

My slogan is Olivia Koch your recipe for success. My platform is being a leader and leading by example throughout your school and community.  How I plan to put my plan into action is to help create better leaders throughout your school and community by different characteristics and helping out the community to make a difference in it. A silly fact about me is that I can burp the abc's.