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December Convention

What is the December Convention?

      The December Convention's main goal is to elect the next NDASC Executive Board, as well as connect with student leaders around the state of North Dakota. This year, the Convention is December 10th-12th 2023 in Bismarck, North Dakota at the Ramkota Bismarck Hotel and Conference Center.

      The December Convention is open to both middle-level students and high school students. Any student (6th-12th) may attend the convention with an advisor that is a member of the North Dakota Council of Educational Leaders (NDCEL).  Students attending the convention can expect to hear great keynote speakers, participate in service projects and breakouts, elect the next state board, and of course, have fun!

      At each December Convention, the Middle-Level Board will elect two representatives. If a student wishes to run for the position of representative, they must be in 8th grade and be nominated by an advisor.

      The High School Board will elect a President, Vice-President, a Class A Representative, and two Class B Representatives. Any junior in high school is able to run for office, with the exception of the Class A and B Representatives. Advisors must nominate their candidates. The Class A Representative office must be held by a student from a Class A school; similarly, the Class B Representative office must be held by a student from a Class B school. The positions of President and Vice-President can be held by a student from either class.

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